About CABA

The Chatham Area Business and Arts Mission Statement

The Chatham Area Business and Arts (CABA), a coalition of individuals, businesses and organizations, works to promote the Chatham, New York region as a vibrant, positive environment for shopping, dining, enjoying the arts and conducting business.

CABA Member Benefits

  1. CABA helps promote your individual business through various media opportunities.
  2. The website promotes both individual member businesses and the greater Chatham area.
  3. Festivals and events sponsored by CABA drive more business into the area.
  4. Membership offers an opportunity to network with other business people.
  5. Promotional tools are offered to help individual businesses achieve their unique goals.
  6. When reasonable, CABA will look within its own membership base for products and services.
  7. Members have the satisfaction of knowing that they are actively engaged in their own community. Membership is a commitment to the community and to the local economy.
  8. Individual businesses have the opportunity to list special events and sales on a “bulletin board” within our website. The website averages about 500 unqiue visitors per month, climbing to over 1,000 during peak periods such as Summerfest and the winter holidays.


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Board of Directors

Melony Spock, President
Cathi Bruneau, Vice President
Sharon Weinberg, Secretary
Suzanne Sperl-Knights, Treasurer

Rochelle Bartolo
Michael Bruno
Tom Crowell
Susan Harding
Judy Hartford
Lael Locke
Parry Teasdale

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